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my test is due by the end of the week.


i'm sure it will be positive. think i have been for several years. my biggest fear is my 21 year old daughter is also. why? she sleeps a lot has the same itchy scalp i have. has mentioned easy bruising. hoping i'm crazy. she means every thing to me. help!!

if you find a doctor in colorado let me know. if i find one i will let you know. or any other help in colo.

colo10/59, please keep all your thoughts and questions in the "Am I Infected" forum. This forum is for people who have had a conclusive positive HIV result. 


I moved your posts from the "I Just Tested Poz" forum because, well, you haven't. Please read the Welcome Thread and pay attention to the our forum posting guidelines.

Symptoms or even the lack of symptoms mean nothing when it comes to hiv infection. Only hiv antibody testing will reliably reveal your hiv status.

You do not say why you suspect you are hiv positive, but if you have had unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse, you are wise to test. As for your daughter, hiv is not transmitted through casual, day to day contact so unless you were hiv positive when you were pregnant with her, there is no reason to believe she would also be positive - providing of course that you test positive.



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