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I finally was able to manage to update my is a g rate show...I just added 4 new photo albums....from several places I have recently been to in the UK and Ireland.....I am still shocked I am able to do this now...from where I was a year and half ago with HIV.

T Rai

you should put that in your signature :)   

I really liked the 'so you want to be a flight attendent' post.

It was in profile from the old forums....however I lost my Camera's USB cable until tonight...then again I have not been to my place in Newark for about 15 days.

T Rai

TRAIJ is a total hottie.

I am just saying.


--- Quote from: jkinatl2 on June 11, 2006, 12:53:29 AM ---TRAIJ is a total hottie.

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