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I tested positive Last week. I am so scared.

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Hello Al,

Welcome to the forums ! When I was diagnosed positive in October of 1985, I spent the balance of that year, and just about all of 1986, totally intoxicated. I look back at it, and it probably wasn't the smartest thing to do, but that is what I did. I was a big ol booze hound back then anyway !! After that, I made serious changes to my lifestyle, and eventually pulled it somewhat together !!

I know that recieving a positive diagnosis is a mind altering experience. Its normal to be scared, along with a half dozen other emotions running through your mind all the time. It has only been a week. You will come to grips with this in time. each one of us handles our diagnosis in their own way. I would suggest, that you continue talking with your sister at this point. I wouldn't be surprised if she may mention this to your other sister. You need to be able to communicate your thoughts, to someone you trust. There is no way, any of us, can do this on our own. Its not neccessary at this point to tell your parents. When the time is right, I am sure you will know it ! Take your time. You have plenty of time.

As Mark suggested, Make sure to read the lessons portion of the site, and when you have questions or concerns, don't be afraid to ask them.

Take care of yourself------Ray

PS by the way !!! I am not suggesting to you, to go out and get yourself intoxicated for 18 months !!

Yipes, I found out I was diagnosed with advanced HIV disease (politically correct name for AIDS now) one month ago - believe when I tell you denial, terror and numbness all happened within a minute. What calmed me down was educating myself about the disease in these forums, websites, etc(check out too). I have a great doc. too who told me people are now living decades and entire lifetimes with this disease. You will find out that by taking your meds. you will be fine ( I doing good now, a month afterwards on meds). Telling people was hard, I told my closest friends and family is not an easy thing to talk about. If you are still feeling bad, find a counselor that specializes in HIV counseling. If you can't find one, use us!!

Hey Ihavehope...

I know what you mean about the old fashioned folks. You have to break the news to them gently. At this point, take it one day at a time and do the things that you need to do.

In my own way, I wish to extend to you a WARM WELCOME here at the AM forums. Here you will find the encouragement, communication, understanding, support, some cries, some laughter, and many of your questions relating to HIV/AIDS answered.

We have a great group of Real People who will listen as well as answer you. We are here to Encourage, Learn, and Help one another as we all walk on our journey in this life.

With the consideration of implementing a Positive Mental Attitude, it will also assist you on your journey in this life as well as having a Positive Impact on your immune system.

In fact, through your Positive Mental Attitude, it will help you push forward through all of the obstacles on your path that you are now walking on.

Talking to other people helps us see that we are not the only ones with problems. Feel free to come and vent with whatever is on your mind from time-to-time.

Often the act of writing and the ability to “see” your feelings leads to therapeutic insights and solutions. .

In the interim, you may want to start taking a multi-vitamin, and some Omega 3, because it is all up to YOU where YOU want to be.

Exercise at least three times per week for a minimum of 30 minutes per day, as this will do you good to help keep that stress away.

"Don't Give Up, Don't Give In... Cause it is all within you to WIN!"

hi, and i'm sorry for your diagnosis.
you will find that once you get this virus under control,that having this condition is actually the easy part(as long as you stick to your meds regimen).
the hardest part is mental. i can honestly say that in time, your mental stress will ease.that will come with forums like this,chat with people here. talk and ask about anything thats on your mind relating to this issue. in time,you will grow stronger..i promise.
you are not alone..we will listen,and advise. BE STRONG.


I just tested positive on 11/20.  Remember that you don't have to disclose to your parents if you don't feel it would be helpful or it would cause them too much distresss. I chose not to tell my family, but my ex called them out and took it upon himself to tell them. I was not ready to tell anyone yet. You should do it when you are ready, or if you feel that their support would help you fight this disease. I have not told my mother because she is not well, and the news would do more harm than good. My family, though I didn't want them to know, has been very supportive and has taken this opportunity to make it clear how much they love me and want to support me. Hang in there, and remember that there are a lot of treatment options for you to live a long healthy, productive life. You just have to make changes in your life to optimize your treatment success. I am taking it as an opportunity to examine my life and make it better, more meaningful.



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