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I tested positive Last week. I am so scared.

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Hi my name is Al

I am 26 years old and i was diagnosed with HIV last week. It has been the most difficult week of my life and have not slept in days. Although i feel some symptoms I am not that weak. I pray every hour of the day and have hope that i will get better and perhaps there will be better medications in the near future.

Can anyone tell me how you coped the first few weeks. I live with 2 sisters and only told one. I am too scared to tell my eldest sister she will be so SAD. How do i tell my old fashioned parents? Please pray for me guys.

Hello Al,

I think the name you have chosen says it all. Hope is one of the greatest supports we have.

Welcome to the forums. I am sorry for the reason you have found us, but glad you did.

Regarding the first few weeks, the first thing you should do is try to take some deep breaths and try to relax a little. I know this is easier said than done, but stress and panic won't help you.

Have you found a doctor yet? It is very important to find a knowledgeable doc who can help guide you along this path.

I would check out the lessons here at this site. Knowledge is power. But take it a bit at a time. There is a lot to learn so don't overwhelm yourself.

 I don't know where you live, but if there is an AIDS Service Organization nearby, contact them. They can help you access services, recommend doctors, etc.

Even though it sounds like a platitude, also keep in mind you are not alone in this. Feel free to ask any questions you have and someone here will be glad to help if they can. This is a great place to rant, question or just let it out.

The first year after diagnosis is difficult, mainly because you are adjusting to this addition to your life. Please don't feel shy about coming here.

If its is any consolation, I have lived more than 21 years with the bug. So, at least I can say there is life after diagnosis - and it has been a great life and it isn't over yet.

Take care of yourself and don't worry about disclosing, telling others of you diagnosis. When the time is right, you will know it.



Hi Al! 

Mark gave some great advice, take your time and search for information.  Everything can be overwhelming, especially w/ emotions.  Go at your own pace, you'll know when it's right to tell your sister. This is such a great forum, I've been here for a short time and I've felt so much support. Hey, I've been positive for 13 years and on meds for three....don't panic, people are here to help and support.  :D

Welcome, the first weeks are allways the worst, but don't worry you find a good place for advice. About your Sister give your self some time and you will know and she is ready or you are ready to talk. I talk to my brothers 2 years after I found out my status.
Try to post all your concerns and fears and you will see how helpful this people are. Never give up your hope :-*


Welcome, everyone above is right, take things slowly. The only thing you need to do is get further testing to see where you lab #'s are, and find support. This is a great place to be , I'm glad you found us so soon. Talk to us about everything you want to, we'll be here.



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