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Gee, another question from the WW?!?

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Hello all:

Here it goes, one time unprotected vaginal intercourse encounter with person of unknown status (states she is healthy as an ox).  EIA tests at 6 weeks, 9 weeks and 13 weeks all negative.  Also, ran CBC, and blood tests for Liver, pancreatic function and diabetes, all came back "normal".  Also, syphilis test at 13 weeks negative.  Have had no discharge, painful urination etc, so feel fairly comfortable that chlamydia and gonorrhea can be ruled out.  I have not had hep. a b or c tests run as my physician told me that my blood tests would have presented something, (not necessarily viral hep) but shows no sort of infection at all.  Do you concur with this statement?  I know that this is an hiv website, however the two do have a tendency to go hand in hand quite often, or so it seems through my "vast" on line research. 

I really just want to get back to normal sex with my wife, she is starting to wonder why I have this "mutual masturbation" fetish.

Hey nutcase,

Just think, you could have avoided all that worry and testing for the cost of one latex condom.

Did you really come here to have your doctor's performace evaluated?


hmmm......why do you even reply to my......nevermind.


You really had no question related to hiv risk assessment.

We would refer you to your doctor for questions related to hepatitis.  Your testing has conclusively settled any hiv issue. 

My response was intended to point out the importance of the use of condoms for vaginal or anal sex outside of a securely monogamous relationship.

Use them every time to avoid the risk and worry of hiv infection.


Andy Velez:
Nut, I'm not clear about what it is you're still worried about in terms of STDs. HIV has been ruled out definitively and your doctor seems to have covered the bases for you otherwise.

Have you asked him if he considers it safe for you to have unprotected intercourse with your wife? That seems the obvious question to ask and your doctor the obvious source.



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