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hello I engaged in a somewhat risky behavior.  last night. i let someone dip in me..he put his dick in without a condom for like 15 sec..then he took it out..then he put it in again for 15sec then took it out..then he put it in for about 60 secs and he pushed it in and out (sex)..but then he took it out..there was no ejaculation at all because it took him about 30 min to jerk off after he had slipped it in.  im just worried about the possibility of precum.  i was highly lubricated and so was he and I don't think i felt the precum on the tip of his penis ( i kept touching the tip when he withdrew making sure there was no precum) but the tip did feel damp (even tho it could've been the wetness of lube) anyway the reason why im so scared is because he told me that he has been hiv+ for 5 years and has a viral load of 2000.  I'm worried now.  He did NOT ejaculate inside me at all..but his precum may have oozed out.. i'm not sure..anyway this was last night..should i consider PEP?  and if can I obtain it?  I'm under my mom's insurance plan but I don't want her knowing about this.. could i pay for the drugs out of pocket?  please help!!!!

Read the lessons that the links can be found in the "welcome thread." Can you get PEP probably. Do you have the cash for the meds. Depending on what is given will be somewhere around the 700 bracket for a 28 day supply. Which ever way you proceed you will need to be tested. 13 weeks after exposure or 13 weeks after you've taken you last dose of medication. You should know that most people don't finish the drugs due to the side effects. Anyway you go you will need to test. PEP is not guaranteed to prevent hiv even if you complete the 28 days of medication. It would only have taken a condom to have prevented this.

so Rapid..what should I do?  Do you think I should go for the PEP?  his viral load isnt that high..and we only had sex for one minute and i doubt the lining of my rectum was damaged.  where can i obtain the drugs at?  also i forgot to mention that we did in fact have intercourse WITH a condom like 20 min prior..but then he wanted to feel me on the inside raw..he was very gentile...wouldn't my risk have been extremely high if he came inside of me?

Unprotected anal sex is risky, period. You need to go to your doctor today or an emergency room to get a script.

okay I will go to the ER tonight.  did you say it'd be 700 dollars with or without health insurance?  i have insurance but its under my mom and i dont want her to know so I can pay for it out of my own pocket..i have about 6 grand in the bank so it shouldnt be a problem.  i know its risky but do I definitely have the disease?  he couldve not have precum at all..and i could be worryin for no reason...i dont wanna waste money and time for something that might not be an issue..


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