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Dingo, You're My Hero....

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--- Quote from: DingoBoi on June 10, 2006, 08:10:37 PM ---you have to go to the casting couch first  :o

--- End quote ---

oh... that  :-[


YAY!   ;D

There's alot more exposure on youtube than here at aidsmeds.... I have about 4500 views there, about 10% coming from

Glad it helped you find us here!

Bailey (who is just a teeny tiny part of the Aidsmeds gang)


Just thought I'd give you an excuse to post again so here goes.........

How are you doing?

oh, been alot depressed.   I want to blog, but .. ick.... i can barely get up in the mornings to go to work.... and sometimes don't.  :-\ 

no boyfriend, just mah puppy, who is doing wonderfully. :)

actually puppies are better than boyfriends. At least I like spending my money and time with her.  ;D

post count +1  ;)


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