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Dingo, You're My Hero....

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Or you will be if you manage the roughly 100 more posts before Peter's Pole ( oh my  :o ...) closes in four days.
Thats an average of 25 Posts per day !!
 Lets see ,if you responded to Every WW. in the Fears Forum, Extolled the virtues  of every blogger, Listed Every boy Bar that youve located in Montreal along with detailed directions to each, Started your own AIDS activist Movement, Joined a Clinical Trial, Developed the Dingo Diet, and possibly started a tutorial on videoblogging, and started a 'Dear Dingo.. '  advice column on dating....  you just MIGHT Squeak into the Hero Zone, and get the George S. Patton esque 5 star bar  and possibly an Ivory Handlled Game Controller.....but surely the admiration of The Masses....

Who's never really been into Hero Worship, but will make an exception.

either that or I need a new hobby  ::)

The Canuck:
When Oprah'll be replaced by the DingoBoi Show  8)

The Canuck


--- Quote from: The Canuck on June 10, 2006, 01:05:03 PM ---When Oprah'll be replaced by the DingoBoi Show  8)

The Canuck

--- End quote ---

And I'll jump on the couch a la Tom Cruise when the topic is "Holistic/Natural Health Shit 'n Shyola"

you have to go to the casting couch first  :o


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