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Joseph and Jena Part 2

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I might be a little thick jkinatl2 but where exactly do you see troll bait? I see a lot of support and a lot of concern, all of which is justified once you expose something as  intimate as a budding relationship out on a public forum. Jena, I wish everything works out fine for you.

Hi Jena,
I am happy that you and Joseph hit it off so well. But, please do not rush into anything to fast. His moving down does seem rushed. A few red flags went up for me also. I have a few questions. You don't have to answer them, just something for you to think about, and for Joseph to think about.

Will he have health coverage for he and his son if he is not employed?
What happens if the two of you do not work out, and he has moved away from his friends and family? Will he be able to create a support system for himself and his son?
What does his NY family think about him taking his son to Ky? Are there maternal grandparents/Aunts/Uncles in NY?
If Joseph were to become ill, who would care for his son? Would you be able to do that?

I know I sound like my Mother...forgive me. I want you to be happy, and in love. And I want you to be safe, and protective yourself and your kids. Everyone wants you to have both.

I, too, am suspicious by nature.
I'm with Rocky and friends.
It just seems so fast.

Dear Jena,

reading your story you seem to be acting in a very intuitive way. Somehow I have the idea that your intuition is strong enough for you to decide wether you make good choiced. I don't know you that well but I think you are a very sensitive woman and I do know that very often intuitive choices are good ones. If Joseph is going too fast it sounds like that is something he has to deal with. You have kept your home, your private place.....

I believe in intuition and I very much hope that things will work out well.

Lots of luck for you and Joseph


Joe K:
Dearest Jena,

You know that we want nothing more than for you to be happy and I'm not going to go into any long diatribe about any of this, but I must leave you with this food for thought.

Being a parent, how would you feel and how healthy for the child involved, to be ripped from his mother and moved half way around the world?  At 10, the distance between NYC and Kentucky is huge.  I understand the desire to do what is best for the boy, but his whole attitude is much too cavalier for me.

The reason I broach this, is that I was orphaned at a very early age so I know what abandonment feels like.  Like I said, my real concern here is for the son and I'd want some professional assurances that this won't mess the kid up for the next 3 decades. 

As a parent, the needs of his son, come before the needs of his heart.


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