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I'll have to say, that watching Argentina play Ivory Coast, is like watchng the Harlem Globetrotters play a high school team.
Looks like a giant game of keep-away.

I'm not so sure. Ivory coast gave them a run for their money in the end. The thing about the Argie's that I hate is their gamesmanship. It's all the shoving, spitting and putting the ball in with their hands that makes me hate them. I think that's why Brazil, England, Germany, Holland, Poland and Scotland hate them too. Each of us have been on the receiving end of their cheating play.

I'm just tired of Brazi. Portugal k/o'd England in Euro2004 and Spain bore me as a team.


England did well the first half, but their game got worse the second half.  Football is one boring game.  10 minutes after it started, I was already trying to find other stuff to keep me occupied.

Yay Cliff. Go England ;D
As the Socceroos (Australia) have only ever made it to the finals once, I usually go for England, so they're my second team after the Socceroos.
It was dull game last night Cliff but sink a few pints and get in on the fun.
There are big expectations on the Socceroos, but realistically we could lose all three games (Japan, Brazil and Croatia). Making it to the 2nd round would be a minor miracle.  :o but we like being the underdog.

I guess you either have to play football or be brought up with it to stand a chance at enjoying it. I found in America the game isn't liked because there is no 30 second shot-clock or a play clock. It's a game I appreciate because there are few goals and when one is scored, it is more special. Each to their own. Sports are like music, you either like a certain one or you don't. No right answer. I normally go for the little guy in soccer, except England.

England always play like that. They have the skill, but lack the desire. Depends on whether we play Argentina or Germany...



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