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Summer is here again and with it the sexy bodies on the beach!!

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Some of those pictures Look like it's woman's weekend (Lesbian weekend) here in Guerneville.

And it happens to us twice a year. The first weekend of the season Ton's of fun hit the streets. Then again the last weekend of the summer season.

Us locals don't go out during this period. (Oops, bad word)

Whats so sad is all those beautiful, gorgeous Harley's and not one man! and I mean F**king gorgeous 80K Harley's

YIKES!  :o

Do you have any idea how much flour you would have to roll those broads in to be able to find the wet spot?!?

OH, I feel so much better about my body than I did a few minutes ago!

HUGS (and a diet soda)


Weird nipples.  Really weird.  Yep, those are some weird nipples. 
I think its great to embrace one's body and not be afraid to show it, but them is some weird freaky nipples.  Those nipples really deserve a respite from the sun...for all of our sakes.

Weird.  And ew.  And eep.

Make it stop

LOL.....I had to enlarge that pic..i thought she had something covering her nipples to keep them from getting sunburned. I burnt my nipples the first time i used a tanning bed. You talk about painful....that was!

I agree with you Sae..them some weird looking nipples!



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