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I had sex with HIV+ partner

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Hello everybody

Four months ago I had sex with a guy (i'm a guy too). Now it turnes out that he was infected with HIV exactly 1 one week before we had sex.
He gave me a blowjob (no condom), he likked my ass and I fucked him (offcourse with a condom). I did not ejaculate in him but over his body en he jerked himself. I did not give him a blowjob.
Do you think there is any chance that I got infected?

Thanx for your answers!

There was no risk. I urge you to read the lessons section on transmission in order to get an understanding of gow HIV is and is not transmitted.

Andy Velez:
One of the several benefits of using a condom is that it means the HIV status of the person you are with is not an issue. Condoms provide very effective protection as many thousands of serodystonic couples know who are having good lives together in every way including sexually.

Whether you ejaculated or not in the situation is irrelevant in terms of your health. The important thing is that you used a condom for intercourse. All of the other activities you mentioned were nil for HIV risk. 


The guy I was with, was infected exactly 1 week before our date so I think his viral load was very high at the time.
He sucked me for quite a while and rimmed me too. I fucked him briefly with a condom.
I'm really very scared that in some way I got infected.
In a way that's stupid, I know (I use a condom to prefend getting HIV, now I'm worried because I had sex with someone who has HIV  ???)
Is there really no reason at all for me to get myself tested?

There is not a risk in protected sex.  Nor is there a risk for receiving oral, getting rimmed, kissing.

You had no risk.

I hope you can move past this, and enjoy your sexuality.


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