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Hi all new to the forum, with the obvious reasons why most of us cannot wait till that so called ''3 month window period''is up, I was wondering. I am a 24 yrold married man  with 3 kids. I committed a foolish mistake at a strip club after work with some friends and received fellatio from a stripper nothing more nothing less. I felt deeply horrible for this and decided to get tested. I waited about 15-17 days exactly to do the PCR which I was told can detect the virus within 48-72 hrs and is used on HIV patients to monitor their HIV. I know it's an extremely sensitive test which means it may yeild a false postive but is on point with a negative. Now my question is this i waited exactly about 2 weeks and a few days is it possible for the virus to have hidden for that long in my DNA? or can I be comfy with this result 

Thanks for your reply

Hey G (BTW before if this includes violating the forum rules im sorry not sure it will), but anyhow G I also took the pcr test! but mines was exactly at like 16 days. Rest assured that the experts in here know what they're talking about...what i was told by the medical office and by what iv'e seen in websites regarding the PCR is that it can detect even the smallest fragment of the virus within 48-72 hrs soo your time frame is pretty safe to say IMO but ill leave it to the experts to answer ya  God bless man! 

Once again i apologize if this was hijacking a thread of something like that

:) thanks bro well yea ill wait till they answer not that i don't believe you or N-e thing but i just need to relax man besides she was a stripper and if she was HIV+ what if her amount of virus present in her body was high like i just need to clear that out she only gave me head.... in other words a high-infected HIV person giving you head i didnt see no blood or nutin but thats my main point and the PCR so researchers help me out here please I need to move on!

If all you did was get a blow job then you were at no risk and had no need to get tested in the first place.

As MD said, you can not get HIV from getting a blow job, there was no risk for you.


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