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Good Evening Forum Friends,

There is a low power Public Radio FM station here on the river.  They call it the Bridge, they broadcast from a church andf the rumor is the transmitter is nailed up to a Redwood tree.  The signal reach is not much more than 5 miles and they tend to play Big Band music from the 40's.

I live a little out of the broadcast signal reach but have heard them a few times and I like what they do on-air.  They are getting the funding and the permits to broadcast over the internet and I have been asked to think about producing a weekly talk show on HIV care and treatment issues.

I am wound up tighter than a mainspring right now with all the politics of the committees, the non-stop requests to volunteer for this and that and I kind of went ballistic in an Executive Committee meeting today, then I regrouped and had a very pleasant visit at Congresswoman Woolsey's staff in her local office.  I hand delivered some signed letters asking her support in reauthorizing an RWCA with sufficient funding.

The radio show decision does not have to made immediately so, I have time to think about format, write an outline, and borrow a production studio for a demo tape.  I had a show in Los Angeles for a couple of years so once I figure out what I want to do, the rest comes naturally.

First step is the introduction... What do you think of, "Thank you for turning me on"?  The show needs a name, how about some ideas?  Have the best day

I think your idea is great.
How about "Thank-you for tuning into me."
Glad to hear that things are finally taking off for you. Go get'em baby!! ;D

Name of show idea:   WE ALL HAVE AIDS..... I have that t-shirt in turns heads big time. This is a great thing you are doing! Way to go, and hell yeah....Give em HELL! Best of luck with it.

You have alot on your plate.  I don't know your goals or time available, but perhaps don't think in terms of producing a weekly show?   Maybe a bi-weekly or monthly show... or 'specials'.   

Oftentimes there's plenty of flexibility.

 You already do so much honey! Don't wear yourself out, you have to have energy for things other than those related to Aids!


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