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Results from Radiesse (Malar Filler)



     Today I had a malar (facial) filler performed by a dermatologist.  I had significant lipoatrophy.
     The procedure took about an hour and a half, commencing with topical and injected anesthetics.  Due to the significance, four vials of Radiesse were used.  (No, it ain't cheap!)  It was painful at the time, with approximately eighty (yes, 80) injections as they construct the subcutaneous matrix or latticework.  Note, however, that it would be less product for someone of lesser lipoatrophy.
     It's been about four hours now since I left their office.  My face feels slightly tender, but the pain has substantially subsided.  The dermatologist felt the results met and exceeded his expectations.  I'd reckon they achieved about an eighty per cent improvement, and that's fine with me.
     Understandably, this was (is) a very emotional and psychological process.  At the risk of sounding melodramatic, I feel as though an eight-year curse has been lifted from me (time since onset of lipoatrophy.)
     Incorporated in this message are two pre- and post-procedure photos, front and side.  I hope my post may be helpful to anyone considering this procedure.


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Hi Gary:
             Well there IS a dramatic change there. I almost fainted when you told me you had around 80 shots! I think I'd faint and the doc wouldn't even have to sedate me. Is your face a little swollen still ? I guess it sort of settles into the skin better after a few days. Is it true you have to use sunblock after a filling is applied to your face or is that a myth? ??? So, do you feel it was worth it?

             I congratulate you because you are one brave man! 8) Best wishes and I hope you feel better now that all this is over with.


Hey Richard,

     Thanks for the feedback  :D  I don't think my face is swollen, at least they didn't remark that it was.  No sunblock advised.  I did ask if I could shave tomorrow and he said yes.  I also asked (since I sleep on my side) if doing so would shift the product around, and he said no.  He said I may have some bruising (though I had none when I left) and if so, it would check in four or five days.  Right now (six hours post-procedure) my face just feels like it got a moderate sunburn is all.  Hell was worth it!!  I hope you proceed with yours once the particulars are clarified for you.

Take Care,

W O W!  What a difference!  Thank you for posting.  I suffer from "mild" lipoatrophy and have been pondering the exact product you had injected.  I'm now convinced to go forward.  Congratulations!

Thanks so much for posting photos. It's a dramatic difference. I had facial PMMA treatments with no injected anestetic and I know all those shots are no fun. Congratulations on your new face!


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