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Vista beta 2 - anyone???

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Hey Randy, downloading it now ;) Thank god for broadband!


Never again will I download any BETA program. I've discovered that BETA means it has bugs galore and will probably screw something or other up on your computer. BETA might be ok for people who know how to tweak and adjust these things, but for me? NEVER AGAIN! I had some BETA spyware that has really been messing with my head. Shit, I get confused enough on my own without BETA somethingorother screwing with me too!


Just an update. Vista is sure different. Things and settings we were use to, are well hidden. Some I still haven’t found where some are. I'm not sure why they did this?
I installed vista on a spare pent 4 pc with only 256k mem, only a 20gb drive and it already had win2k installed.

Well, 256k is painfully slow for vista. Like start something, and have dinner, and maybe it will have come up by then.
And finding drivers for network cards and video may be a real task. I used drivers for win2k, installed from the orig driver CD or floppy, and vista complained, but installed them. Vista will give you error msgs like "cant install - version not supported", but then give you "install anyway" option, which did end up installing the drivers and they worked.

Vista supports dual booting. I installed it to the same drive and partition as win2k.
That is a no no. But I did it anyway.
Which OS system to boot is asked at bootup, and vista loaded fine. But going back to win2k boot did load win2k but nothing would run.
So you do need to install to a diff drive or diff partition for dual boot. I just wanted to see what would happen.

Well, vista does look cool. And with 1 meg of system memory it might even run smoothly. So I guess I'll have to try it on my
main system, but certainly in a diff partition from winxp.

Both win2k and vista fit on a 20 gb drive. I didn’t think it would.

ps. I agree with ANN. I would try this unless your prepared and have everything backed up that you can not afford to lose.

Hey Randy.

I installed Vista on my beefy AMD dual core system with 2GB Ram.  It ran well and was very cool looking, but many of the programs I use on a daily basis are not yet compatible with Vista and I found it hard to live without them for the sake of a sexy OS.  I think Vista will be great, but I will be waiting until it goes retail and most common programs are supported with a vista version.

I can't live without itunes ;) and Vista beta 2 doesn't like itunes at the present time!

Yea, thanks Matt. I'm with you. I broke up my main drive to a second part and installed. It runs very smoothly. Looks great. But I can dual boot between xp, so no hardship keeping vista. Its so different, like a mystery finding how to do the things easily done in xp. Guess thats why they are giving it away for a year free, so we can experiment with it. If one paid $100 or more for a new vista os, and the changes made them angry feeling taken  by ms, then there would have been a lot of bad press. This way, its ours and its free, so go at it ... is my take on their angle. But I do think adding another gig of mem for a total of 2 gig would be worth it. And memory is fairly cheap right now.


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