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Vista beta 2 - anyone???

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Being the tech nerd I am, I just wanted to let anyone interested know that the MS windows new os, VISTA - Beta #2 is now available over at for free to the public. From what I read, its activation is good thru August of 2007. Then, I guess you'll have to either go back to your old os, or buy vista... not sure.

Its a free download, and an .iso file (so you need to burn it to a CD-r using some sorta cd burner program that burns .iso files to CD-r) then use that CD to install.
You can also order the CD from MS for $6 shipping (I think).
When you download it, you are given an unlock or activation "key" code that you need to write down and remember (or print out the code display page).
The MS servers are heavily busy so it can be hard to get thru. They recommend using some kind of "download manager" software that resumes where it left off if you get disconnected. The .iso file is some 3.2MB.

If any of my info is wrong, please correct me, for most of this info is from other forums and MS.
And the problems most are reporting are the normal "drivers not available" for the vista os, even though most drivers should be built into vista for the latest hardware. No doubt most will have some hardware thing that has no vista drivers as of yet.

I have a spare pc I plan to install this on this weekend, and I wouldnt recommend risking your home pc with a vista install, unless all your stuff is backed up first somehow, somewhere.
Sound like fun?   :o


After having problems using the Internet Explorer Beta....I think I'll pass on the Vista Beta.  I'm still trying to see what's the big deal.  All the big changes they were going to do have now been removed in order to get the thing out faster.  That sucks!


I still got windows ME. I was thinking one time at doing the upgrade to XP, but this computer is just too old, and not fast enough.(isn't worth it)  Will ,most likely just get a new computer.


hehe not to point out a few things...however you will have to burn it to a DVD to create an install disk....and the download is 3.2 gigs...not 3.2 megs.  Can we say broadband connection.  Yes there are several ways to install it without a DVD player....but I am not going to try and explain some advance techniques.


When I beta tested Win XP it was stable and I used it at my main computer....for Vista I have had it on a secondary computer for about a year and half now...however...I am moving towards putting it on my main computers...

Once you register if you have to or if you do not have to register...either way ....they will send you 2 emails and one will also have the activation key at the bottom of it.  The key is good for up to 10 different computers to install it on.

Also the system requirements are correct....don't expect it to install unless you have at least 512 megs of ram.  Do not expect to be able to use the core of the new system...unless your computer really has 1 or more gigs of must have a true directx 9 video card with pixal shader 2.0 to use Vista Aero.   Vista really needs a beefy computer to shine....if you have one it is a great OS...

Thanks Trai for the corrections. Thats what I get for posting at 4am. Yes, its a DVD burner you need and DVD media. Also sounds like 1 gig of system mem is ok but 2 gig is best. Seems every time MS comes out with a new os, it requires a major system upgrade too. I wonder when vista will become standard on new pc's sold? That would mean a pretty beefy pc in itself. You wouldnt think maybe vista will just never catch on???
I still understand this vista beta is pretty much the final vista. And the free activation key means your copy is good thru 08-2007.

ps.. (Nice picture!!!)   ;)


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