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KS Lesions and Cryotherapy....


I have severak KS lesions, none much larger that about 15mm. but They havent faded much as  Ive rebuilt my Immune system and knocked my VL down to Undetectable.,
Luckily theyre only on my arms and legs but they really stand out, even with a good Tan..

I recently had one of the small ones 'Zapped' with liquid Nitrogen in order to see how it would heal , my main concern is whether the scar will be worse than the lesion,  Does anybody know how the scaring is with Cryo and KS ?? Im sure that its fine for the tiney ones but what about the larger ones??  I can deal with some scars, ( Hey, Ill tell people that I got Shot) but Im just wondering what to expect. 

A friend of mine in Barcelona had KS lesions removed with Cryotherapy. He got white scars and he could not expose them to the sun to avoid dark spots or hyperpigmentation.
Be careful with your donīt want to get melanoma.

I have had the freezing done with molluscum on my face, and legs. On my face the marks would turn red, then scab up, fall off and then be a little white. White area did fade eventually, and now it looks almost normal.

The ones on my legs got red, scabbed up, but then the scar turned pretty dark red, and has remained that way thus far. Although my legs were just done in mid- October.

I don't know if the outcome will be the same for KS, but over all I am pretty pleased with the results.



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