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Norvir, Truvada (ole) and Mr. Ray Ataz

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newbie here. one thing i have like adhd and just as some people wash their ahds, when i say certain words, i have to say them a certain way (ex my apple ipod is an ipodis). so when i say truvada it sound spanish and i have to say truvada ole, and same with Mr Ray Ataz... and yes i know i said the t word in the previous sentencewith out the ole and its driving me crazy LOL.
ok so anywway those are the 3 meds i'm on .. good combo? crazy combo? side effex?

hey there stoopidnyc,

i have come to find this combo very effective.  i first started treatment after a 2 week battle with pcp pneumonia, my tcells were less than 5 and my viral load was 300,000.  the first combo i went on was truvada & viramune.  after 3 months i had no results from that combo.  my doc then switched me to truvada, reyataz, & norvir.  the first 2 weeks with the norvir can be pretty rough.  alot of nausea & feeling tired & out of it, but hang in there cuz it does get better, way better.  after about week 2 i had no more side effects, was feeling alot more energetic, and ready for whatever comes next.  after 2 months on the new combo i had my blood work done, my viral load went undetectable & tcells went from 5 to 65.  now mind you everyone reacts to meds differently but from what i have read and heard from others this is an excellent combo.  good luck & hope to hear good results from you!!


I just took my first new meds Norvir Reyataz Epivir and Ziagen. I can't wait to be feeling alot better.

I have been on a similar combo.....the same except abacavir has been added....for two months now....and I and my Dr. are very pleased how it has been working thus far.....percentages up, viral load almost undetectable, and Cd4's up by 100....This has been the best drug combo I have ever been on...(and I have been on meds for 15 of my 17 years Poz)....with the fewest side effects....bad gas is the only side effect that I can really think lypodystrophy(yet), no belly, no loopy dreams, or horrible mood swings....and I have energy back to spare....I sincerely hope that your combo works as well for you as mine appears to be working for me...

hey el stoopidio....

It's a great combo; effective and side effects aren't too bad.  I started this 3 years ago with 18 t-cells and vl 500,000.  Just got my labs back last week and t-cells are over 600.  Not bad. I've  been undetectable since March, 2004. 

There is a yellowing of the eyes and skin but that goes away after a couple of weeks.  AFter 3 years I still have gas.

I think you'll like el travada ole and Senor Ray Ataz and his friend nearly normal Norvir.



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