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sad days:
Enough is enough with this!!!!  If you really feel like such an asshole for doing what you did, and are genuinly afraid for your wife's health, go get a damn HIV test over your non risk.  I believe that you are either outright lying about your risk or you have an underlying desire to actually be HIV positive.  How could any of us feel different?  This all has to come to a head eventually, right?  If you and your wife do have HIV (which you don't, if you are telling the truth about your potential exposure), then you will find out some day.  Like I said earlier, if you feel like such a jerk and an asshole about your wife having so called ARS, think about how you'll feel if you find out you're positive and you let it go this long.  I suggest you either come clean with all of us about your real exposure (if you are lying), or do not post again until you post with your without a doubt NEGATIVE test result.  I also suggest nobody responds to your unbelievably psychotic questions until you do so.  Sorry for hijacking, but WTF!!!

Sad Days,

I've removed your above post from a thread where you shouldn't have been posting.

This is an official warning. You've been asked to not post in other people's threads several times now. It's bad enough that you do this against our wishes, but you also use abusive language, which we do not allow here.

Please read through the Welcome Thread and take note of the posting guidelines. I won't ask you again - I'll simply give you a time out.



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