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Tested positive 11/27/06

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I finally sucked it up and went to my GP at the beginning of October for the HIV test and the results.  As expected, it was postive but he was not sympathetic and referred me to an ID doctor.  I called the ID doctor only to find out he's not accepting HIV patients which left me without a referral and to my own devices. 

I finally called and made the appointment, met with him and got my labs.  The total interaction was less than 15 minutes.  Highly impersonal and the only thing I remember was him asking why young guys are getting HIV.  I tend to give the benefit of the doubt but honestly this has not been a good experience to date.  The only thing that has helped is this forum for the information you folks have posted to questions. 

I started my meds the night before thanksgiving but really didn't have a reference.  The doctor gave me a script and scheduled me back two months later.  My exchanges with Nick have told me this is being totally mishandled and he referred me to his doctor.  I plan on making an appointment next week and hopefully will have a physician who gives a damn. 

Reading your post just brought all this back and we all should do more to help people out who discovered they're newly positive.  Not every doctor is versed in HIV and it's dangerous to think any doctor is capable of managing this disease given the complexities of the meds and the condition.

I can say this, it's not a death sentence and it's just something that has happened.  It's not anyone's fault so don't blame yourself.  You have to take this experience and learn from it what is necessary to get better and to manage the disease.  Read.  Ask questions and talk about it.  I have been lucky in that someone in Dallas has reached out to me from this forum.  I have learned a lot from the conversations and this forum.  Education is the best thing you can do at this point.  Question everything until you feel comfortable with your decisions.

One thing I have learned is be careful on the posts.  I am on Sustiva and Epzicom which if you read everything about side effects, you're expecting the worst.  That is not the case.  Each of us is unique and reacts differently.  What works for one will not work for another.  Find a good doctor with a great office staff.  They can help you through.  This forum can help too.  Lot's of good advice.

I wish you the best and know you'll come out of this stronger and better.

Hey Cologuy,

First, I agree with what others have said: Find yourself a decent doc. I would have told the guy who questioned why young guys are getting HIV to get a life (or something to that effect).

Is there an ASO (AIDS Service Organization) in your area? If so, it is a good idea to get enrolled. It may be your income may disqualify you from full enrollment (this based on what you said regarding your job) but they may be able to at least refer you to a good doctor.

Another thing, inquire about a support group for the recently diagnosed. The first year is tough because you are adjusting to a new chapter in your life. Having the support of such a group could really help.

Remember we are here for you too. We have old farts (like myself) and young, newly infected as well, so you have a wide range or experience at your disposal.

You have not been wiped of the map. You are not invisible. I am glad you found us and look forward to hearing more from you.



Hey Cologuy!

It is unfortunate that you have tested positive for HIV. However, it is good that you are reaching our for support through all of this. Finding yourself a Doctor is key.

I wish to extend to you a WARM WELCOME here at the AM forums. Here you will find the encouragement, communication, understanding, support, some cries, some laughter, and many of your questions relating to HIV/AIDS answered.

We have a great group of Real People who will listen as well as answer you. We are here to encourage one another and to learn from each other.

With the consideration of implementing a Positive Mental Attitude, it will also assist you on your journey in this life as well as having a Positive Impact on your immune system.

In fact, through your Positive Mental Attitude, it will help you push forward through all of the obstacles on your path that you are now walking on.

Talking to other people helps us see that we are not the only ones with problems. Feel free to come and vent with whatever is on your mind from time-to-time.

Often the act of writing and the ability to “see” your feelings leads to therapeutic insights and solutions. .

In the interim, you may want to start taking a multi-vitamin, Omega 3 and you may want to keep an eye on your diet.

Exercise at least three times per week for a minimum of 30 minutes.

"Don't Give Up, Don't Give In... cause it is all within you to WIN!"

Hey Colo...

You may want to catch up with our forum member "Eric" he is with Dr. Ben in Colorado.

"Don't Give Up, Don't Give In... Cause it is all within you to WIN!"



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