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I am an African American woman aged 21. I had sex with someone unprotected, with no ejaculation and it lasted 2-3 minutes. He is circumcised and claims to be hiv negative. He stated that he had an hiv test prior to meeting me and it was negative. I had a std test and all my results were negative. I was waiting to have an hiv test after 3 months. What are my risks according to my situation. Are the odds in my favor from this brief exposure? I know i should have used a condom, but it was a mistake. Help me please!

The only way of knowing is by testing, in which you have already planned to do.

Andy Velez:

You had a single unprotected incident without ejaculation taking place. So that was risky, but less risky than it would have been with ejaculation or if it were multiple incidents.

However, you need to learn from this experience. You can have all the sex you want but you must make certain the guy is always wearing a condom for intercourse. No exceptions, no matter what you think you know about his history or how great he looks or anything. A condom is a MUST!

You are the one who is responsible for your own health. So you can't depend on the guy or anything that he says. Even if he's talking in good faith, he may not know his accurate HIV status. Everytime you have unprotected intercourse you are putting your life at risk. It's as stark and as simple as that.

Given the details you have reported I would say the odds are in your favor against transmission, but ultimately only the HIV test can give you a reliable answer.

Good luck with your test result.


Thank you for replying so fast. Knowing that the odds are in my favor it makes me feel a little better about going to go get tested. i know it was stupid of me to have sex without a condom, and you can bet it will never happen again. I guess its not so bad to trust a guy, but i need to be responsible for my own health and not just worry about his. Thank you for the good luck wishes, and i will report back with hopefully negative results, but if not i know where i can come for advice.


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