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just need some courage

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im scared:
im goin to try and make this short and simple...
i was once on these threads 1 yr ago and should have learned from my mistakes in the past..
Thank god i tested negative 1 yr ago from my last scare which i should have learned from.. I used to be Im so Afriad on here but this new board seems to not let me log in with that name since i haven't been here in about 1 yr...
I do know alot about hiv so i am not even goin to ask anyone to say if my symptoms are hiv related or not... But just want to get this off my chest

will i missed up again i was with 4 different girls this new year and 2 of them i did use a condom and the condom did not brake because i checked them with water after i used them so i know they didnt brake but they broke on one of the two girls....
But two of the other four girls i didnt use a condom being a dumb ass because i was in a relationship with these different girls and used a condom at first but eventually i didnt... So now yes i know i got to take the test again which i hate because this time im sure i will be positive because i feel i should have known better from the first time i had this scare but i didn't learn...... i do have symptoms of couse... like i got tonselitits and got a few colds this year so i think that is hiv related cause who gets sick so often, and i got these bumps on my arms that maybe Molluscum Contagiosum but im not 2 sure im just waitin my 13 wks so i can go get this test and then face the facts[/b][/b]

if you have been here before, you will know the drill won't you?

get tested after 12 weeks after your last possible exposure.

There is nothing else that can be said.

Please re-read the lessons on transmission and testing.. .they have been updated since your last visit.

a complete std panel is in order as well...

of course, being here before, you already knew all this.

im scared:
yea i know i knew but u know what i still did it and now im sure ill have hiv... because how many chances do u get.... i tried 2 use condoms but eventually i missed up  >:(

i'm sorry if I can't feel any sympathy for you here.

You messed up.. you need to test.

test after 13 weeks.

i can dispense with the drama please.. you are talking to somebody who is actually hiv positive.

female to male transmission is rare... possible and documented, but rare.

again, i'm not telling you anything i don't think you've been told before.

What are you looking for here?

Obviously you don't have questions on testing and you understand the process.

That's all we can provide.

im scared:
yea i understand its just hard u know the first time it was hard and this time is hard it sucks especially when i have symtoms


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