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MODS URGENT: where did the old forums go?

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I have the old forums bookmarked in my favourites folder and never have any trouble accessing them.

However, it is a good idea to have a link somewhere on these new forums because obviously not everyone has the old ones bookmarked. I'll mention it to Peter.


Peter Staley:
Thanks for catching that, Bailey.  I've added a link to "Archived Forums" on this page, in the left column, in the "Content" box, at the bottom of the list.

I also deleted the "Testing Forum," which may lower the post counts of users who posted there (sorry).


another linking issue.. which i'm confuzzled on.

not sure if it's supposed to be this way or not...

if you open a main forums window from scratch... then click on OFF TOPIC, to bring up that forum...then a thread to read it...

ok... normal.. we are readign a thread now.

the 'tree' listed above looks like

-aidsmeds community forums
--off topic forums
---off topic forums
----thread name here

why are the off topic forums duplicated in the tree?

the bottom 'off topic forums' actually brings you back to a listing of all the threads in off topic.

the top 'off topic forums' brings you to a listing of all the forums main topics (not the threads in those topics and not the threads in the 'off topic' forum".  My 'issue' is that that link shouldn't even exist in the 'tree'.   If I click on either off-topic link.. it should show the forum with all the posts in the off topic forum.. not the main listing of different forums.

Not a huge issue and I may have smoked too much crack tonight... just kiddin... but either it's an error, or i seriously don't get the tree structure.

i hope i explained this well enough for you to figure out. 

I don't know if i'm just not getting it or not... but shouldn't there just be one link to the 'off topic' forums in the tree?

ok.. modification.

everything is working as normal and it should.

NOW there is an OFF-TOPIC subsection... which includes 'off topic', 'comments on the blogs' and 'forums gatherings'.

that is why it is there and why there are two of the same topics like i mentioned.   

Perhaps a renaming of the group would be in order?   I dunno.... most people aren't so picky as me.  Maybe a group category of 'General Topics' rather than 'off topic'... and then having a forum underneath that heading of 'off topic'.

The definitely should not be named the same however.

or keep the name of 'off topic' for the grouping of forums.. but change the name of the 'offtopic' forum to 'general discussion..... or vice versa.

i dunno

I'm just a boy who has way to much time on his hands.


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