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MODS URGENT: where did the old forums go?

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the old forums, which used to be a toggle link between this forum and the old by hitting the 'forums' button up top is gone... now it only links to the new forums here, with no link to the old forums *unless i missed it which is entirely possible*

We need and want access to the old forums and, as of now, i just don't know how to get there.

PS:  can we move the 'testing forum' down to the bottom or eliminate it?  I think it might be distracting because people are confusing it with the 'aim i infected forum'. 

They may not understand that it was 'testing' for the software and not 'testing' for hiv.

David_CA: will get you there.


thank you for the link... but it should be OBVIOUS on the page or at least the toggle like it used to be... i'd prefer a special button for it.

of course, i'm just being cranky to boost my post count :P

oops... /post count +1


--- Quote from: DingoBoi on June 10, 2006, 12:52:15 AM ---of course, i'm just being cranky to boost my post count :P

--- End quote ---
Me too! 
Seriously, there should be a link for "Archived Forums" or something along with the date that the old forums will expire, be deleted, go away, or whatever they're calling it.


post count +1

ok, i've done website administration for a popular gaming site... yes, it can be quite difficult and the mod/admin issues are the same concerns as the user issues.

I know they are making it uniform and getting things in order for the new website.

inadvertantly, they've cut off all user access to the old sites (unless you know the super secret link here)

probably not intentional... but also still problematic. 

Bailey (who is trying to be constructive and not bitchy)


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