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I just called the cops on my neighbor

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ok...i got home from work... and took puppy outside for smokey and wine (SMOKEY AND WINE FOR ME BITCHES)... and she nosed her way into the neighbors apartment.   so i called at the door but didn't want to go in... (maybe he was on the toilet or something).... so i yelled for puppy and finally grabbed her 4 feet inside the door when she came over... I then shut the door. (the worry is that somebody left their apt unlocked in this neighborhood and left the door blatently open.)

Soon after I knocked on the donwstores guys door and had him come up with me to 'check it out' and make sure it was ok.... we didn't see anything amiss... and shut the door...... now being midnight and him not having returned, I got a bit skittish and called the cops to come look.  the came, they saw and they left.   nothing amiss... but did notice the door when shut doesn't latch unless deadbolted... so it may have just been an issue of leaving quickly, but i was still worried.... trying to be a good neighbor and all... i called the cops to come look.

at least he isn't dead or something.... but now i feel foolish.   but would have felt worse if something happened and i didn't call someone.

bah... i'm stupid and happy all at the same time.

The Canuck:
Don't think you should feel stupid...better be safe than sorry.. 8)

The Canuck

That was a very good thing you did!  My neighbor across the hall was quiet for a good week..and he never goes anywhere...his bike was downstairs and he didnt have an auto.  I ended up calling my landlord after a bunch of us tried knocking and calling. Turns out he died the day before. I guess he had cancer and passed away. I felt horrible and wished we had called earlier!  I hope everything is ok!

I would have done the same thing.
My neighbor is a little older lady, and we have agreed to look out for each other.
You done good kiddo.

i don't feel so bad now... at least i know he isn't dead there.

and the apartment complex maintenance guy came to look at it... but didn't have a key to lock the deadbolt... he said he'd try to find one, but i don't think he's coming back tonight.

ah well, i'll talk to them tomorrow at least if it's still unlocked.... i did everything i could tonight.  (though his big screen tv would look smashing in my apartment)... just sayin.

But he's a nice guy and if it was me, I'd want the same courtesy.

and especially since i am poz, if anything ever happens to me healthwise, I'd want somebody to check on me.


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