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anyone know anything about this?


Has anyone heard anything about this study?

Yes, I think this has been discussed elsewhere on the forums, if I am not mistaken. It is a promising gene-therapy treatment, but there are still the questions about long-term effects, not on hiv but on the body itself. Earlier this year I had written to Mr. Delane, and he said that the big concern is cancer.

Apparently some of the animals used in the initial testing of this technique developed leukemia. This doesn't necessarily mean the same would happen in people but it's an open question at this time. He also told me that his viral load bounces up and down, from undetectable to up to 5k, which seems manageable to me. His CD4 numbers I can't remember exactyl but it was in the 400's, which could just be a function of damage to his immune system before treatment began.

In any case, it's still a promising path, which could turn out be an effective, long-term, non-drug treatment. Good thing is we should have some solid data presented by the research team in a a couple of months, in February.

thanks for the reply.  It does sound interesting.  Assuming that the cancer thing is not a problem.


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