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Hi i am a 19 year old male and went to a massage parlor in the uk about 7 weeks ago and received oral sex from a lady, ( fellatio).  I also used a condom for receving oral sex. I did not participate in any vaginal or anal sex with this lady. Thiis was my only sexual act i was involved in during the past year.
 I was actually very worried that i might have caught something, maybe even HIV, but after reading the hiv transmission lesson on this website and getting advice from other websites, i finally accepted that the risks associated with receving oral sex are extremely low and that there have never been any proven cases of transmission in this way. However, i kept thinking that i might have caught HIV some way so i decided to take a HIV test 5 weeks after receiving a protected blowjob. The HIV test came back NEGATIVE, but the question i wanted to ask was is it worth getting tested again, or can i rely on my 5 week negative test result?

Thank you for you help everyone.

You didn't need to test for receiving a blowjob. Receiving a blowjob is zero risk not low risk.

Andy Velez:
In the entire history of the HIV epidemic there has never been a documented case of transmission from getting a blow job. It's safe to say we'd have known by now if this very common sexual act was risky. You aren't going to make history by becoming the first to prove otherwise.

Other STDs are easier to get than HIV, so if you are sexually active it's a good idea to regularly have a full STD panel. That means at least annually.

As for HIV testing, it wasn't needed in this case and you certainly don't need to re-test.

Read the lesson on Transmission if you haven't already done so. There's a link to it in the Welcome thread which opens this section. You get the real deal there on what's risky and what isn't.


Thanks once again for your advice rapidrod and Andy, it much appreciated.


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