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I have enquired with lot of people and counsellors over the phone about my situation and most of them said mine was a low case. I had intercourse with an female escort about 2 months back and I made sure I had condoms when I did it. My only concern is that she is an escort and she kinda seemed to be offended when I confronted her with the quetion of HIV and she said that she would not do anything without protection. I also observed that she went into the restroo before the intercourse and I dont know what it was for.

Anyways I am a bit worried about my situation. I am not sure if headeaches and upset stomachs are symptoms of HIV virus infection but I am experiencing this though not on a regular basis. I do wear prescription glasses and I am assuming the headaches are because of that.

But I just want to know if I could have any chance of being infected. Please excuse me if you find me being over cautious but I am a bit worried as she was an escort.


No you didn't have a risk. You had protected sex.

Andy Velez:
Escorts want to stay healthy and go on living too. Condoms are very democratic. Whether you are with a professional or a civilian they do a very effective job of protecting you from HIV transmission.

As long as you use them consistently you are covered, literally and figuratively, as far as HIV is concerned.

You don't have any cause for further concern about HIV in relation to this incident.


Thanks a lot rapidrod and andy for your replies. This was my first time I engaged in intercousre and that is the reason I am a bit worried about it. I am having these headaches and upset stomach condition for last 2 months or so and as I said earlier not on a regular basis but pretty sporadically and this has driven me to think that i might have been infected.

anyways thanks a lot for your replies...

Your symptoms are not due to HIV because you didn't do anything to catch it.



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