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401k's and market downturns

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The last two weeks have been hellish on investments.

I do 401k recordkeeping for hewitt associates and, while i am not licensed as a investment advisor, I would strongly suggest everyone move their money to more secure investments.   

Rising interest rates, higher fuel prices and inflation are all contributing to the downturn in the market.  Protect your investment... but keep tuned in to take advantage of the eventual upswing.

Right now, i'd predict the market hasn't bottomed out yet.  I expect it to dip at least 10% more before resurging.

Keep track of your investments and know the funds you are in and the fund options you have available.  all 401k's i know of have some very secure, conservative investment options, versus the riskier stock market or international markets/emerging markets.

the market does not seem to be on a rebound yet... at the end of this month, the feds will announce the new interest rates which are expect to up .25 percent.   I think the market it in panic till then and probably for a bit after that.  Now is the time to play it cool i think on investments and secure your options.

Bailey (who's own 401k crashed from a 20% rate of return to 0.4% over the last two weeks)  Hey, like i said i'm not an investment advisor  myself

Interesting.  I usually pay attention to my 401k at least once every six months.  I contribute to funds that are marked as "very agressive".  Over the history of my current 401k (3.5 years) I managed a 10% rate of return.  Over the last 6 months a 2.47% rate of return.  However, over the past month -1.62% rate of return.  I don't think it's something to worry terribly about at the moment, but definitely worth keeping an eye on. 

I thought this was a forum for people living with HIV to share their experiences?

Oh well ..... my car needs washed because it's dirty.


Well, thescot, some of us with HIV don't work, and some of those, like myself, use our 401K's for living expenses (rent, food, etc.), so the market is vital to our well-being.  I for one am sick with worry about what will happen. 


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