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How accurate would an oraquick test be at around the 6 week mark? I tried to search for an answer so I apologize if it's already out there.

Federal health authorities plan to issue new guidelines on the use of an oral HIV test after testing centers in New York and San Francisco began reporting an unusual number of false positives in recent months.

Approved by the Food and Drug Administration in March 2004, the OraQuick Advance test shows results within 20 minutes using fluids swabbed from the mouth, a breakthrough in easy-to-use HIV testing that is being considered for over-the-counter sales to consumers.

However, public health clinics in San Francisco have now recorded at least 49 instances since May in which clients tested positive on the oral HIV test, but subsequent confirmation tests showed they were negative.

In New York City, clinics encountered a sudden increase in false positives with the oral test -- recording 10 in October and 30 in November alone, according to a San Francisco health official.

ikako, please refrain from responding to other's questions here.   You, in the midst of your own crises are not qualified to do so.  I can appreciate you wanting to help, but in light of your own issues, please don't until the are fully resolved.

The oraquick is an extremely sensitive test.  So much so that, on occasion, it may produce false positives, but NEVER a false negative when taken at the appropriate time.

Most people who will seroconvert do so by 6 weeks.  Your test is highly encouraging of the eventual 12 week test, but still must be confirmed.

edit:  you didn't even have a risk.  no test was every needed to begin with for getting a blowjob.... do not start new threads here... keep all your questions in your original thread.  ann will lock this one shortly as we do not permit multiple threads.

That is true there is no record of false negative, but also when initial result from saliva comes back negative they do not test  back up blood at all. So there could not be record of false negative if it is possbile. People who get negative results just walk away and do not come back for a 3 months.

P.S. If you do not like what i post here it's your problem. I am posting real experience of my life. And if i was not "in light of my own issues" i would not even join this forum.

anyone testing with any of the approved tests, like the quicktest wil receive a vaild result after 3 months.

ANY elisa test that comes up indeterminate or positive requires further testing to confirm that.   (some elisas, like the quick are known for false positives but not false negatives)

Do not even begin to contradict me ikako, for I actually am hiv positive and know far much more than you on this subject matter. 

Nobody here ever suggests that people rely on a less than 3 month test except in completely non-risk scenarious.   Many of us will never recommend a test prior to then.  If somebody chooses to not test to confirm their status after 3 months, that is their issue, not advice we've given.

You suggest quite wrong that records aren't kept of blood samples.... well they are well before any test is released subject to stringent testing.  The test would  not be approved if it wasn't valid.  That's how they determine a test works or not.

From my reading of your issues, I sincerly wish you the help that it is obvious to the rest of us that you desperately need.


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