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Throat thrush?

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I had a pretty much non-risk exposure, I have no qualms about that.  But three weeks later, I have had this persistent lump in my throat feeling, as if food is there.  It has continued for one wek now.  I do not have any white spots in my tongue, however, my tongue is white (which I realize is not thrush) but I have been able to scrap some white gunk off the far back of it (probably normal, I know).  There is no pain in my throat and no difficulty eating or drinking, its really quite minor except that it constantly reminds me of my worry! I got a negative antibody test our at 21 days and am going to a ear nose and throat doctor about my throat but they are quite backed up this time of year and I can't get in until the towards the end of the week.

1) In the meantime, can any of you who have had throat thrush or read about those who have tell me if these symptoms indicate that? 
2) It seems like there are some people on here who have had thrush and tested negative, so certainly thrush is not a terribly suggestive of HIV, especially if the risk was extremely low?  I have read a few accounts where thrush shows up during ARS, and I am not on any sort of antibiotics or diabetic or anything else.  I did, I suppose, have a few days of very very poor nutrition prior to the symptoms, but who knows?

Thanks, I hope this is not a stupid question but I could not find anyone having a similar sensation on your forum!  God bless you all.

No,'s not a stupid question.  But you can relax.  I'm going to quote the Goddess Ann on here and tell you that "symptoms mean absolutely nothing when it comes to HIV".  You can have thrush without it having anything at all to do with HIV.  Anyone can potentially get it.

Good news #2 is that if you ain't feeling any pain in your throat and have no difficulty eating or drinking, you ain't got it!  I don't think you'll ever hear anyone with throat thrush use the phrase, 'It's really quite minor'.  LOL

Grab yourself a throat lozenge and buckle down til you get to your doctor's appointment, but you can stop worrying about thrush.



Thanks so much Tim, you are so wonderful!  I was a bit worried because it seemed like many sites and "experts" said that thrush mainly resulted from either HIV/AIDS or antibiotics and such.  A few doctors online said to people with thrush that they "must have something serious going on" to have thrush!  So you can see how when I got a white tongue and lump in throat that wouldnt go away how scared I got!  Have you ever had thrush in mouth or throat?

I've had thrush and it is very painful. Only a doctor can diagnosis thrush. Thrush is not hiv/aids specific. Anyone can get thrush. Babies usually have it more than anyone.

Thanks guys, I appreciate your fast responses!  I will try to put this worry behind me, and was able to get a doctor's appointment tommorow.  I just hope I don't go in there, and then he tells me that he thinks I have HIV based upon a thrush diagnosis, which, given a fairly widespread misunderstanding of HIV, is not inconceivable!


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