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Statins vs CD4. Any info on taking statins and effect on CD4?

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I donít know if anyone has any sure info on this. Seems I find both good and not so good reports on the effects of taking a statin (family of cholesterol lowering drugs), and cd4 counts in people on hiv meds.
Some reports claim the cd4's are knocked down as much as 47% when adding a statin, to fight high cholesterol. Other reports say there are no cd4 effects neg or pos. And then still other reports say not enough info is known to tell.
Since so many hiv folks on meds also find meds are bad news on the cholesterol counts, and many doctors throw in a statin to try to lower high cholesterol, I'm seeing it might also harm and hurt the cd4 recovery quite a bit. As one study suggested, as much as 47% cut in cd4 count after adding a statin, over weeks and months.

Does anyone have any better more reliable info or source of info on cd4 count and statins?

Hello Randy,

I had heard mention of this before, but am not familiar with it, and current studies going on. However here are a couple articles :

This article goes back to July of 05 :

Perhaps the pros can respond, with more current news on this.


Hi and thanks Ray.
I'm seeing that too. Conflicting reports.
Hope someone has more current info, or study maybe???

I don't know of any definitive studies but I can relate my experience.....cd4 decreased nearly 50   from 398 to 350 right after I started Crestor....does this prove anything??? maybe not but so far haven't had any serious decrease in Cholesterol either...been more than 6 months.

The only thing I have seen is that the meds sometimes cause the statins to be metabolized faster forcing an increase in the dosage.  Still new to the meds and awaiting my first bloodwork after starting on the meds.  I'll ask my Dr. when I see him next week.



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