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my sister has hiv I was staying at her house and she was leaving blood on the toilet. I don't know if a small amout of her blood got on me that could have been inside the rim in the front by my private area. I'm afaid I got a naat test it was neg at 19 days.I took another and waiting for results to come back 12/11/06. please help :-[

Andy Velez:
I've just removed your other thread. Please keep all of your entries in this one thread. That way other readers can follow the conversation and also contribute in a more informed way.

Now, to your concern. Even if you touched your sister's blood that was not a risk for HIV. HIV is a fragile virus and it is passed only in very particular ways.

Please read the lesson on this site about Transmission. You can find a link to it in the Welcome thread which is at the top of this section. It's important that you become better informed about the real risks for transmission, and blood on a toilet seat is not one of them.

By becoming better informed you can protect your health and also avoid the kind of problems in relations which happen when someone is both frightened by and uniinformed about HIV/AIDS.


Thank you Andy i read on the net if it's still moist i can get it. I'm still very afaid I get my test 12/11/06 naat. I didn't see any blood on top of the toilet are the side but i'm still sraced, becase wouldn't a toilet be the same as a razor as on any surface. My sister is undectable and i talked to her hiv doctor and she said I couldn't get it this way but i'm still afaid. ??? ???

If she is undetectable then it is much less likely, although I guess possible. However given this information, the amount of blood to be a risk to you would have to be a noticeable amount. This assumes of course that you used the toilet immediately after she left blood on there and then you dipped your wick in it....and got enough on to be at risk, ie to have seen it. That doesn't take into account the virus inactivating by drying in the time she used the toilet to the time she did. The bottom line is you don't get HIV from a toilet seat.

What bothers me a little is that you and your sister have not talked about it. She has HIV and needs your love and support. HIV does enough to divide people so you maybe should have an adult discussion over it. Do so with a mindset that you want to understand more about it and educate yourself. Don't tell her of your concern but get her to tell you how it is transmitted. She will know. Still will know you don't get it from a toilet seat.

Just an idea.


Andy Velez:
I don't care what you have read where on the net. You don't get HIV from sitting on a toilet seat, even if it belongs to an HIV+ vampire. No kidding. That is just HIV ignorance you are talking.

What is really more to the point is the issue that HIV Worker has raised with you about how much you and your sister have talked or not talked about HIV. And what kind of support are you giving her or are you just seeing her as a BIG HIV RISK in your life?


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