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Ok well 1st off I like to say great job on the site guys/girls fantastic support in here..ok my incident was the following one i have been with my g/f for 3 months we got together in sept. and are engaged. On oct 21 2006 i made a stupid! mistake and had some girl give me a blowjob i felt so horrible after it(Drunk). That was all that happened she gave me a blowjob we didn't even kiss i panicked sooo much that on the 25th me and my gf both went to a health clinic. The reason i told her i wanted to go was because i DID feel some slight burn when i urinated, before the incident with that girl. Our results came in 2 weeks HiV and all other STDS were negative turned out everything was fine only that I had NGU. They gave both me and my gf a dose of 14 pills of Doxycycline. We return for a follow up and we were clear of it thnk Christ. I wasssss soooo worried about still have gotten something cuz the period from the 21st to the 25th was sooooo short. So i did an HSV1 and 2 test igg and igm plus a full blood count i believe 1 week exactly after the incident. Those results came back 3 days later thnk Christ! NEGATIVE as wel and blood count was perfect.The HIV terror still remained on my mind and i was not waiting 3 months to find i did a PCR test 17 days after the incident....4 days later that came back negative as well thankfully. Then after all these tests i decided to go to my primary Doc for and overall checkup on the 15th of November including STDs.I returned on the 28th for my results HSV1 and HSV2 plus chylamidia,syphillis,gonnor and HIV etc. were allll negative. Now the week before i got that blowjob from that other girl, my gf was giving me a blowjob and she scratched me a little on the head of my penis it was like 1mm long very little no blood came out out of it or anything now this is the only reason i decided to post here and ask you guys what do you think of the situation???.and i saw no blood on my penis after the blowjob was done. 5 min i ejaculated and it was over. Should i return on Jan for another antibody test? or another PCr? what do you guys think??please help me out here.

Andy Velez:
In the entire history of the epidemic there has never been a single documented case of transmission to someone getting a blowjob. So the risk to you in the situation as far as HIV is concerned was zilch, nada, zero.

Testing wasn't even necessary.

In general we always recommend that any couple who are in a securely monogamous relationship and want to dispense with using condoms should get tested together. Once a mutual negative status is established then it's up to both to decide if monogamy is the thing.

I don't see any cause for further concern about HIV on your part. I do recommend that you read the lesson on this site about Transmission. It's got all the basics and everyone should know about it. You can find a link to it in the Welcome thread which opens this section.

As for your incident, take a breath, let it go and get on with your life.


Thanx alot Andy and to the rest of the Mods keep up the great work! how can i fund your site??. Though i was in GREAT SCARE of the virus I would love to support others:)

Andy Velez:
This site does not accept donations. Thanks for offering. But there are many HIV/AIDS-related organizations which definitely always welcome support. GMHC (in NYC), AmFar (research and special projects) or any AIDS service organization in your area.

I'm glad you found our exchange to be helpful.


Andy Velez:
Illusion, I've just moved your second thread over from the Living With HIV section. That section is reserved strictly for those who are HIV+ and those who are otherwise intimately involved with HIV, as with a partner, family member or other.

However well intentioned you may be, you are (happily) not HIV+ and should not be going into that section.

Secondly, when I realized you already had a thread started I deleted your new one. If you have further comments you want to enter please keep them in in your original thread. That way readers can follow the conversation and respond accordingly.



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