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Just wondering if anyone has tried hulda clark zapper for the treatment of HIV ? I've read a few places on the internet that some successful cases are present just that it's not widespread at all. Sometimes i think maybe it might ALL be one big hoax, bit if it is ? Then why does it have such a significant following ?

An example would be :

I mean who know's maybe it IS fake and they just want to con money. But then again, there are stories like this ALL over the internet !! It would be great if someone can step forward and actually say it's true (or NOT true)


ps - FYI i am hiv negative anyways but have been to this site due to paranoia (realize you really can't get HIV from a handjob after sex cause the virus dies very quickly in air) more than anything else. And yes, i did buy a zapper (for general health a while back) but am skeptical about whether it actually works ...



Why post crap like this? Yeah, there's stuff like this all over the internet. It's a scam. We're not interested and I'm locking this thread. As someone who is not hiv positive, you should not be posting in this forum anyway.

And haven't you posted here under the name TT96? We don't allow mulitple accounts here. Go read the Welcome Thread and take notice of our forum posting guidelines.



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