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just to make sure



I had sex with a escort girl. I used condoms for oral and vaginal. No bodily fluid contacts. I made sure that there were no lesions on the body or the private parts.  I also made sure that the condom was put correctly and pulled out correctly.

I am married and and kind of scared to have sex with my wife as she a health care worker and is paranoid about STds and shuns STD.

Should I get tested for HIV and other STDs.

Please advise.


Condoms have been proven to prevent hiv infection. You used a condom and so you do not need to worry about hiv. Some of the other STIs are much more easily transmitted and while I don't really think you need to worry about them either, if you are worried then get a full sexual health care check up. But hiv? No.


Andy Velez:
Condoms are very democratic as far as HIV is concerned. They don't care whom you are with, pro or civilian. They do an equally effective job of protection with either.

Often straying husbands, boyfriends or other think because they were with a pro they were somehow at greater risk. Not so as long as you always use a latex condom for intercourse.

As Ann has pointed out, other STIs are a separate matter and if you have any doubts about them you should discuss it with your doctor.

Happily you do not have an HIV problem in relation to this incident.



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