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I wanna say people here are doing great counseling work with so much patience. Just went through some of the posts similar to my situation. Still I am gonna write my story and do need your answer.
I received a full body massage exactly a week ago. I knew there were some low risk or no risk things I was doing, like fingering and rubbing her. The only thing that concerns me is that I tried to rub her vaginal area with penis within my underwear. However, my underwear is almost worn. It is so thin like transparent. And I am sure she had a lot of vaginal fluid through my fingering. So the rubbing was like direct skin to skin contact. Hence, it didnít matter whether I had underwear on or not. But I am quite sure there was no penetration. If it did happen, both sides should know it. Right? Just a little paranoid here. I wasnít under influence of anything like drug at the moment. And I was trying to protecting myself in the beginning. That is why I put my underwear on. But it didnít go the way I expected. I meant just massage.
Should I worry about HIV? I wonít do HIV test soon since it is too early to do it.
How about other STDs which are much easier to catch? If I do STD screen two weeks after the incident, is it conclusive for all other STDs except HIV? Thanks.

Zero risk for your frontage.

Thx for your prompt reply. if no risk for HIV, how about other STDs per the description i gave? Sorry, if it is not the right place to ask.



While frottage (a word from the French that means rubbing) is not a risk for hiv infection, there is a small possibility that you could have become infected with one of the bacterial infections like gonorrhea. As this happened through your underware, it is unlikely. I really don't think you have anything to worry about, and definitely NOT hiv.



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