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I've noticed some of the horrible problems people are having with funding.  I thought I would share what is gong on here in Wisconsin.  I tested positive in April after having some medical problems.  I met with one of the counselors at the Aids Resource Center of Wisconin a day later.  I signed a few papers authorizing him to access my medical records.  As of now the state is paying for my and my partners health insurance and my HAART medication copayments along with any related medication copayments.  They also have a bit of money set aside for emergencies.  I dind't have to fill out any applications or do much of anything.  I work and make a little over 20 thousand a year.  I also own a home and a new car.  They didn't inquire into my assets as I see they do in other states.  I am quite flummoxed by the difficulty some are having.  I have to salute Wisconsin for the great job they are doing.  I'm having enough of a difficult time with HIV without having to struggle with the government.



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