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Scared to death

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Let me just describe what happened and maybe i can get some feedback as to weather i am being extremely paranoid or not.

About 5 years ago, i sort of  gave my boyfriend oral sex and received oral sex as well. (That, and kissing was the extent of our intimacy) I say sort of because it lasted for less then a min and he did not ejaculate. I just sort of licked him abit (at the tip) and stuff. And this happened twice. Both lasting a minute or less.

And as i said, its been 5 years and i suddenly got worried after i read some article about how symptoms do not appear for more than 10 yrs.

He was 17 at that time and i dont know if he has Aids or not. I dont have any reason to suspect that he had it and yet im being all worried.

What are the chances that i could have aids?

As close to zero as you can get.

Even if he might have had aids?

Even if he had aids.

Thank you thank you thank you!


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