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Hello, everyone I am new here(Female).  I am not sure if I am posting in the correct place, if not please accept my apologies.  My situation is as follows.  I had unprotected sex 7 weeks ago.  All sexual activity took place same night on October 8, 2006.  There was a threesome that took place.  I had vaginal/anal sex with three men.  All three men HIV status has already been disclosed with proof to me following the incident and there status is negative recent paperwork October 2006.  Man #1 vaginal/anal sex took place.  With Man #1 all activity unprotected, status is HIV negative saw recent paperwork, we attempted anal sex 1st and then he removed himself and then I proceeded to give him oral and then it was followed to the vagina.  There was no ejaculation maybe pre-cum.  Man #2 is HIV Negative saw paperwork, but had an exposure last year and tested for a year, also showed paperwork same month we had sex.  We started off with a condom and he ejaculated inside the condom and went to clean himself up and then came back to me and put himself inside without a condom for 3 to 5 minutes with no ejaculation.  He withdrew put on a condom and proceeded again with sex.  He ejaculated into the condom and was done.  Man #3 all sexual activity unprotected, status is HIV negative saw recent paperwork.  We had vaginal sex only and no ejaculation maybe pre-cum.  2 days after the sexual activity got a rash near nose, 3rd day had a slight run from the nose, 4th day woke up with a stuffy nose couldn't breath, 5th day slight soar throat and Fever of 101" and chills, very soar, throbbing and stiff neck on one side(still present).  Went to the doctor 3 weeks after on (November 1, 2006) diagnosed me with a Urinary Tract infection and a sinus infection and took a HIV test(Blood) that came back negative.  Also tested for all other sexually transmitted diseases.  Put me on antibiotics for both infections.  Started having long bouts of diarreah, and continued fever for 2 weeks while taking the medication.  Completed the medication.  I went back and got tested recently on (November 28, 2006) Orasure(oral) test came back negative.  I am currently in my 7th week of testing negative.  I am so scare right now eventhough everyone has tested negative.  I last tested negative in May 2006 and has had no unprotected risky encounters until October 2006 which I also tested along with the others and we all show paper work of being negative.  Now I am just really scared that HIV has manifested itself inside of me by me having unprotected(no ejaculation) probably pre-cum with 3 different men and also in turn me getting sick 2 to 5 days after the sexual encounter and still feeling horrible in the 7th week.  Only Man #3 got sick at the same time as I was with a cold.  Man #1 had a cold a week prior.  Evaluating my situation I and everyone has tested negative is there anyway the HIV Infection could have created within me because I was the recepitor during the sexual activity?  Please help me and give me some insight.  Please anyone?  You all really give straight forward answers.  Thank you could you please help me  :'(.  Thanks     

Since you haven't read the "Welcome" tread at the top of the page. Go back and read the lessons of transmission. You didn't state when the others received their results. You don't know that they haven't had unprotected sex with other people since there test so their test is meaningless to you. You tested negative at seven weeks and eventhough it is not a conclusive test I don't see it changing when you go test at 12/13 weeks. Always use protections and you can prevent these worries.

Thanks.  They all were tested the same month in October 2006.

Which does not tell you a thing. Unless you tested the same day with them and you know they haven't had any unprotected prior to several weeks before their test and non after their test then their testing means nothing to you. Since you put yourself at risk test at the 12/13 week timeline and collect your conclusive result.

Yes sir.  Thank you  :'(


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