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Been putting it off but gotta see the Dentist!


Hi folks.

I've been putting off going to see the Dentist for ages ever since I found out about my hiv a couple of years ago.  I can't avoid it any longer as I have bloody agonising toothache.

Coward that I am, I'm terrified of just walking in and saying 'hello, by the way - since my last visit I've got hiv!'. Not sure what to do yet.

I started meds a month ago (Kivexa/Sustiva) and just wondered if I'll still be able to go under a general anaesthetic at the Dentists?

Just wondered it anyone's got any thoughts/experiences on this.

Cheers, PAUL -xxx-

Paul , I have been going to the dentist regularly ( 2x/yr) for cleaning and treatments...the Dentist never had a problem .. I of course told her when I first went ... that has been more than 10 get on with it...fill out the patient form ...put down  HIV...and see what happens....


hello paul -
in the uk, BDA guidelines require all dentists to be working in a way which protects both them, their staff, & their patients from hiv, hep etc. So, you don't have to tell em if you don't feel comfortable.  If they do know, though, helps them to look out for oral health issues which can be specific to hiv.
Dunno what the situation is where you live, but down here, i can think of a few dental practises whose literature makes specific reference to welcoming patients with hiv. Your clinic might be able to recommend one too, if you don't feel comfotable with current dentist.

anaesthetic, local or general, not aware of an interaction with your meds - i'm hoping you'd only be having a local though, eh?
hope you get it sorted, soon..

kate (gold star & a sticker from the dentist this morning  :))

Hello Paul,

You are not required to inform your dentist that you are HIV positive. Universal precautions are taken. There may be a question on the dental forms, as to what medications you are currently on, along with, are you HIV positive. I always list my medications, and I feel comfortable disclosing to those that are going to treat me. That is just the way I have been through the years. I have never had a problem, with dentists, doctors, surgeons, eye doctors, or dermatologist, after informing them of my status. And if someone gives you a problem, they should be reported. Once again, this is your choice...

I have had local anesthetic done on a couple of occasions at the dentist, while on Viramune, Epzicom, and Viread, with no problems whatsoever.

You may already have an infection going on in your mouth, so chances are the dentist, will not do anything on that visit, except to prescribe you anti-biotics, to fight the infection down. You would most likely go back and see him/her again in 5 days or so after starting on anti-biotics.

Sorry you have the fear of the dentist, but try to relax, and get this matter taken care of. You will feel so much better afterwords, And infection in the mouth, gums, should not be taken lightly. I look at the dentist as someone who is part of my general health care.

Get to the dentist/ get fixed up---------Ray

Paul, I just went back to the dentist - I had an appointment back in May, but testing positive and going on meds riight before then made me cancel that appointment. 

I went back to the dentist about a month ago, and we 'had the talk.'  He and his entire staff were VERY supportive, and made me think that I should have gone back sooner. 

A good dentist is an important partner in your overall healthcare, and I believe he or she needs to know you are positive in order to give you the best care.

Best of luck...


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