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Hello to my new found family. I am newly diagnosed cd4 188 vl in the crapper. Just starting meds.
Anyway, I remember a link in the old forum that I have probably read at least 20 times. The link gave information on peoples numbers at the start of treatment and how they progressed. I would greatly appreciate any information on peoples progress on treatment. At this point I would be happy to be Undetectable and anywhere over 200, only time will tell.

               Thanks, John


--- Quote from: john on June 09, 2006, 10:14:34 AM ---Hello to my new found family. I am newly diagnosed cd4 188 vl in the crapper. Just starting meds.

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hi John, welcome and good luck with the meds. Be strong, we're here for you. Remember that everybody's progress is different because every body (literally, everyone's blood) is unique. I went to cd4 419 from 42 so of course I say thank God for hospitals and HAART and of course this website for the comfort and info it gives me

stay strong, drnk lots of water and vegetables and relax alot


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Hi John.  I was diagnosed when I landed in the hospital with PCP.  I had a cd count of 52 and vl well...... :'(  After being in the hospital for a month, I was at that time on my meds for three weeks, I had a follow up appt and my cd was 299 and vl 1900.   At my last visit, my 10 month mark, I had a cd count of 459 and vl undetectable.  :o
Like said though, everyone responds differently.  If you keep your spirits up and stick to your regiman you can also do very well.  I wish you luck and you have found a great place here with great people.

Welcome John..
I have only been here a little over a month but you  hit it right on the head..this is a family here. they have helped me so much and i love everyone of them.
Good luck on your meds.


Hi John, welcome to the forums. Regarding your question, Meds and progress works differently on people (like Alex stated) but i will give you an average on my numbers.

Started treatment Combivir Viramune Feb 2004 cd4 165 VL 220.000
                                       Last Labs Feb 2006 cd4  560 and remained below

50 copies after the first labs. I'm sorry I didn't have the complete chart available but there has been a constant regular rise on every 3/4 month lab check.I get my next results in a couple of weeks.  Adherence (in time, every time) is very important. Hope all goes well and take care



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