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trying to get myself back to normal is my doctor crazy?


If I could get some assistance it'd be great.
I found out in July that I was poz. I went in to be seen by a doctor by it in August. my RNA was 12k (400Low 750k-High) He told me not to be concerned my numbers were okay and not to start meds yet. I went back in 10/02/06 and my RNA 16.2k, CD4% 24 CD4Absolute 441 but he insisted that my numbers were still fine. I honestly wasn't too comfortable with my numbers so I decided to start Atripla. Labs 11/6/06 numbers were RNA 150 CD4% 24 CD4Absolute 474.
I'm concerned my CD4% hasn't increased, when reading on the board it seems like the CD4% is more important (or so what I understood) than the CD4Absolute which is what my doctor kept telling me was okay as long as i didn't dip below 300 i shouldn't start meds.
I tired to be selective with a smart doctor in the infectious disease arena as he works in the same office as Dr Frank Rhame (
Should I change doctors, does he not know what hes talking bout?
I really don't know what to do I've read through the information on the boards, and the lessons that this site offers.
On a side note, I havn't informed my family yet, whom i'm close to but really afraid. Anyone have suggestions (books, experiences etc), Ive planned on telling her after the holidays to not put any undue stress on her.
Another question about my meds. What happens if you eat 2hr before/after taking your meds for Atripla? Do I have any leverage with a block of time to take it. So Far I've taken it ontime +/- 10m.
btw i'm 23

Hey, Hivez.

I am in no position to give medical advice... but I did check the Atripla website... it just says to take it with no food at bedtime.  It doesn't say anything further about food restrictions. 

The only thing I can seriously advise for when you tell your parents is to do your research.  They will have a lot of questions for you... and it's much more comforting to people to have someone who knows what's going on.


Hi hivez,

I don't think your doctor is crazy at all - your numbers before starting atripla were fine. You had plenty of time to wait for more results to see if you had any sort of trend going on.

Don't worry so much about your CD4% not changing yet - the meds take a little time to work. You can see they are working by the fact that your viral load is going down. Give them time - we need to be patient sometimes in dealing with hiv.


so frustrating, I appreciate the assistance ann


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