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Should we keep Member Ratings?

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Peter Staley:
Okay, as promised, here's your chance to decide if we keep the forums member's rankings, like "Newbie" (1 star), "Jr. Member" (2 stars), "Full Member" (3 stars), etc.  (FYI, no one has reach the top level yet:  "Hero Member" (5 stars), which requires 500+ posts.)

Personally, I'm voting "No, get rid of them," but I'll let the majority rule on this one.  The poll will run for 5 days.

Peter Staley

Hi Peter,

Is it possible to replace the "newbie" etc with date joined information like on the old forum?  That would be far more helpful - the "newbie" stuff is useless.


"Newbie" sounds childish.  Get rid of it.


Peter Staley:

--- Quote from: Robert on June 09, 2006, 10:27:02 AM ---"Newbie" sounds childish.  Get rid of it.


--- End quote ---

Hey, I'm still a Newbie!  Then again, I've been known to be pretty childish at times, too.   ;D

Heck I don't want to be clasified as a newbie any more then as a SR Member like some others are in this thread already!


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