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Happy holidays !!!

I was on HIV medication( sustiva and truvada) from two months. My body responded very well to the medication. My Tcell improoved to 198 from 57(two months back) and VL undectable from 70000.
I take my medication every evening before dinner. I used fell sleep after my dinner and wake up in the morning very fresh and energetic. I used to be amazed by my energy all day.
But lately i cannot sleep. I barely sleep two hours a day. I feel very tired and stopped going to gym too.
Did any one experience this side effect !!!!
What should i do to get good sleep at night !!!!

With love to all of you


It's most likely the Sustiva causing this side effect.  There is a section in the Lessons part here that contains some Tips on taking Sustiva.  You can work with your doctor regarding this.  If it still remains a problem, a change in medication might be in order, such as using Viramune instead of Sustiva.


I just started Atripla, and my doctor told me that Sustiva causing insomnia is not unheard of.  She said if it happens to me to take it during the day and coffee (if you do caffiene) can help with the woozy side effects a bit.

Of course, you should most def talk to your doc about it... but since I'm already a night person/insomniac... I anticipate having that trouble.

I can see it now.  "I'll have a 20 ounce red eye and Atripla please."   

I started Atripla in July and have no trouble falling a sleep. i take Trazodone and the Atripla at bed time and it knocks me right out but i will end up waking up around 3 or 4 and tossing around till about 6 when i cant take the punishment anymore. i think after the Trazodone wears off the Sustiva dreams kick in and wake me up every 5 minutes.  >:( it totally sucks. i am on ADAP and they don't cover anything better for sleep.

Pink, that was the only side effects I had with Sustiva, not being able to get a good nights rest. I was given Ambien, then on top of that given Trazodone. That didn't help. She put me on lexapro and that has worked.


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