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My doctor is suggesting that when I'm ready to go on treatment that he recommends the following:

Viramune, Truvada and Epzicon

I've been off meds for about 8 years, was only on them back then for about 1 year.  Before that was on AZT, 18 yrs ago, had major side effects within 6 months so stopped them.

Counts, percentage and load have been stable for over 5 years.  Latest was 200, 24%, 2100

I'm usually between 235 - 275 t-cell  17-25% and 2100 - 9300 load.

Doc said he's not overly concerned about me starting but if I'm thinking about starting that this is what he would recommend.

Anyone on this combination? 


Truvada has Viread and Emtriva and Epzicom has Ziagen and Epivir.  Not sure why he would want to combine these two meds since the Emtriva and Epivir are pretty much used interchangeably (similar action) and there is no reason to combine them together.

Also, if you were on AZT monotherapy for a significant amount of time and there was a possibility that you developed resistant mutations while on it, it would be more advisable to use a boosted PI to pair with a couple of NRTIs than to use an NNRTI such as Viramune as the backbone.  If you are not sure which NRTIs are still active, then it might leave the Viramune vulnerable to resistant mutations.



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