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scared very scared!!

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firstly i would like to congratulate everyone involved with this website and what a wonderfull job you are doing.

Right onto my predicament. Three weeks ago I was away on a stag weekend abroad and ended up having protected vaginal and oral sex with a prostitute.  The next day I looked at my scrotum and noticed I had two small cuts on them (each less than 1cm in width) as you can probably guess this got my worrying about STDs and hiv in particular.  On my return to the UK a couple of days later I noticed I had a white tongue and still do, other symptoms include loose stools ongoing for two weeks now, a couple of nights of cold sweats(no fever)  and some very small white spots on my lips(these could of been there for years and I have just not noticed them). 

Obviously I have now spent far to much time on the internet trying to self diagnose and I am now freaking out - I plan to be tested 6 weeks after the exposure but I guess what I am asking is should I be worried!?!?!?!

thank you in advanced 

You never had a risk and there is no need to test. Your symptoms have nothing to do with HIV. See a doctor for your symptoms, they are unrelated to hiv.

Andy Velez:
As Rod has told you, you weren't at risk for HIV in this incident.

If you haven't already read the lesson on this site about Transmission, please check it out. You can find a link to it in the Welcome thread which opens this section.

For future reference, neither the presence nor the absence of symptoms is ever the way to know your HIV status. Only an HIV specific test can give you that answer. In this case you have no need for testing since you weren't at risk.

In general we do recommend that anyone who's sexually active ought to have a full STD panel annually and more frequently if there is a risky incident.

If your symptoms persist you should discuss them with your doctor. This is not an HIV situation.


thank you both for your response much appreciated.  one quick question about the whole white tongue thing (this is the main thing that freaked me out) when people/website say getting thrush or ohl is a first sign of hiv i take it 4 days would be far to soon?

Thrush is not a first sign of HIV, nor is specifically related to HIV. Anyone can get thrush, babies, adolescents, adults and the elderly.


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