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Great Response From AZ Republic Article

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Hello Jeff,

 Congratulations ! I am glad you are receiving this positive, energy feedback !

You go Guy--------Ray 8)


I'm glad you got the reception you did.   It's very encouraging.   Congratulations.



PS - are you going to accept the job offer?

Hi Jeff...

Congratulations on a terrific article!! It's so good to hear about the positive response from your community, you spoke from the heart, and obviously touched many, many people.

You deserve all the best.

In admiration,



 :-* :-* :-*

Jeff...  (pauses for 2 min to figure out what to say)

Your life has touched me on a very personal level.  The writer really took the time to know you Jeff.  What a beautiful peice.  A peice of your life you probably could never have noticed forming around you as you moved through all these years.  The pain, the joy, the anguish in loss.  And here you are marking the passage of time till this present day.   People such as you Jeff give others such as me hope.  Knowing the realities of HIV/AIDS, knowing that the word "time" is not just a word.  That it can be broken down into moments in your life that can add up to a wonderful life full of meanings and growth.   You are a blessing to this world and thank you for allowing 100's of thousands of readers to be a part of you....   

You make me cry, laugh and sing, all at the same time..



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