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Name is Tim.  Sorry to hear about your diagnosis.  I'm sure you'll be getting a detailed response from the pros here shortly about what the next steps to take are.  I'm going to defer to them because they have a lot more experience with providing this type of guidance on these forums than I.  Meantime, know that you're not alone.  Plenty of others, myself included, have been right where you are now.  My own CD 4 count was somewhere below 89 when I started taking medicines.  There's work ahead, but you can do it.   Feel free to PM me if you wish. 

You are not alone.  Those first days are the worst, but you will get past them.  Just know that this is a great place to start, read the forums, make some friends, and learn what you can. 

I am so sorry... I'll never forget those first few days.

While I am in no position to offer any sort of legitimate medical advice, I have been there... if you need to talk about anything, just PM me...

hey there grzes,

So sorry to hear about your diagnosis. When my hubby was diagnosed in May he had a CD4 of 85. A couple of weeks later he was in the hospital with meningitis. He started his meds right away and now has a CD4 of 197 and his Vl is <75. He is taking his meds and doing great now.

I don't have any knowledge of PCP so I cant offer ya any advice on that. Just hang in there. Take alot of deep breaths. OK you know that you are HIV+ and now you can start kicking some HIV ass!

You have come to the right place. There is a wealth of information and alot of great people here.



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